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Breast Aesthetics


Breasts, which is the most prominent feature that physically differentiates the female anatomy from the male, are one of the biggest symbols of motherhood and being female. During the development in puberty or after the nursing or as a result of some diseases that are acquired later, the breasts might not be as in the desired shape and size. These cases are briefly;

  • Breast are smaller than the extent of the person’s own desired size
  • Developmental deformities in the breast (such as tubular breast)
  • Volume and image differences between the two breasts, or in other words, their being asymmetric (because of cancer or any other reason)
  • Nipple deformities (inverted nipple, bifid nipple, tripple nipple)
  • Sagging of the breast tissue and nipple
  • Having larger breasts than normal

The operations that can be applied in these above mentioned cases can be divided into the following articles:

  • Breast prosthesis (silicone)
  • Breast Reconstruction
  • Breast roundup (mastopexy)
  • Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty)


Breast Prosthesis

At the present day, thanks to the successful developments in plastic surgery and silicone technology, it is now possible to achieve more natural appearances.  Your need to enlarge your small breasts which are confusing your mind and make you feel bad, with assisted bras or other materials, is eliminated after only a short period of 1 hour surgery. Today, breast augmentation has become among the most commonly performed plastic surgeries.


Personal Silicone Implant Selection

You can trust your doctor in this selection. Please do not resist on the brands that you read about on the internet pages and the suitability of the unconsciously selected models to you. We, the aesthetic surgeons, follow this technology closely on behalf of you. The most appropriate implant for your body and the one that would look most natural will be selected for you.  Before the operation, the most appropriate silicone and operation technique for the person are determined as a result of a detailed analysis of the body structure. Silicones vary in size and shape. For example, they can be drop-shaped or round, and have rough (textured) or flat (smooth) surface. They may also have different volumes and different profile heights. A detailed examination should be performed to decide on which implant will be used for which person before the operation. All the body measurements of the person are evaluated as a whole during the examination. Many factors such as the shoulder width, hip width will be the decisive factors in implant selection.

Where is the Silicone Implant, the Breast Prosthesis Placed?

Silicone implants can be placed from 3 different regions of the breast. It can be placed from the inframammary fold, under the nipple ring or under the arm. Here, the patient and the physician will decide mutually and by discussing on which the most appropriate area is before the operation.

It can be divided into 3 in terms of the placement of silicone as under the breast tissue, under the muscle tissue and dual planes (dual plane). The plane which the breast prosthesis will be placed is evaluated and applied according to the current breast structure of the person, characteristics of the breast skin, the degree of breast ptosis.

Breast Augmentation Surgery and After

Surgery is often performed under the operating room conditions, mostly under general anesthesia. It takes about 1 hour in average. You will be returned to your room at the end of the operation as dressed with a sports bra. The person can be discharged after 5-6 hours rest after the surgery.  There will be minimal pains for 2-3 days after the operation. However, because these pains are taken under control with mild pain killers, they will not prevent you from returning to your normal life.


This page content is for informational purposes only. For diagnosis and treatment, you should consult your doctor.