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Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammaplasty)


In women, breast tissue development begins with puberty period and reveals unexpected problems for some of us. ‘Reduction mammoplasty’ with its term known in medicine, is applied for the problems that begin with puberty and become evident during pregnancy, breast-feeding, gaining weight sagging in the subsequent years due to weight gain or use of drugs.


Problems People With Big Breasts Face

Of course, as women, we all have aesthetic concerns. But this case results in different physical complaints as well as the aesthetic concerns. The real reasons disturbing people are mainly neck, back and lower back pains. These deformations coming up due to the weight of the growing breast tissue might result in pain in the neck vertebrae at the beginning, and then flattening and cervical discal hernia. Again, the lumbar spine and chronic low back pain and spinal disc herniation might occur at a later stage. Huge breasted patients try to find a solution to their complaints in brain surgery and physical therapy clinics. However, none of these treatments will be sufficient to eliminate the actual cause. The patient’s complaints will increase day by day. Another problem related to the situation is the rash and fungal infections occurring under the breasts especially in the summer months. These two situations are of the type that extremely causes troubles in the daily life of the person. There are patients who do not want to go out just because of this sweating and rashness.


Breast Reduction Surgery Scars

In the treatment, it is aimed to correct the sagging by removing the excess breast tissue. This surgery which can be performed in two different techniques, will be determined by your doctor according to the shape and size of your breasts and the degree of sagging of your breasts. The first one is in which the scars are in the shape that we give the name of the inverted T, while the other method is in which the arms of the letter T do not exist, and there is a single thin line. Breast reduction surgery is not an operation that can be performed without surgical scars technically. However, as I have mentioned above, the size of the scars may vary according to your current breast structure. Healing of the scars vary to a great extent from person to person. While some people may have very fast recovery and at the end of 6 months, they are almost invisibly healed, it may be the opposite in some other people. In such situations, there are certain precautions and treatment methods that can make the scars less noticeable. With regard to the remaining scars, special treatments will be proposed to you during your controls after the surgery.


Breast Reduction Surgery and Afterwards

The operation takes an average of 2,5 – 3 hours under hospital conditions and under general anesthesia. You wake up as dressed with athletic bras at the end of the surgery. You can be discharged after 5-6 hours of rest after the surgery or the next morning. You will not have very intense pains after the surgery. The stitches are usually inside and self-dissolving stitches. For this reason, there is no need to take them out. In the first week, you can do light works which do not make you tired and without lifting heavy stuff. At the end of the first week, you can return to your normal work and daily life. After the surgery, do not forget to come to the controls as often as your doctor recommends you.

Breast reduction surgery is in fact one of the operations which contain both aesthetic and functional characteristics of the plastic surgery. Because, large breasts may lead to shoulder, waist, neck and back pains, rashes and sores under the breast in women in the course of time, and with these complaints, the patients mostly frequently visit the physical therapy and brain surgery physicians.

Due to the fact that breast sagging problem will be added to the nipples as the weight increases, the physical problems connected in these patients as well as psychological complaints depending on the weight will be brought to the agenda.


At Which Ages Breast Reduction Surgery Can Be Done?

Usually, it can be done in all ages that have completed the development of the breast. At the age of 18, sometimes even very young age this surgery can be performed. The decisive factor here is how much the patient is affected by the situation in everyday life, her psychological situation and health status. There is no age limit for the breast reduction surgery.


How to Decide Breast Reduction Surgery?

First of all, you must be examined by detail by a plastic surgery specialist. Sizes of the breast, the degree of breast nipple sagging, the deformities caused by the big breasts on the shoulders and under the chest will be examined, and your physician will give you information with respect to the surgery technique which is the most suitable to you and all the necessary details according to the degree of the breast.


Breast Reduction Surgery

Surgery is performed in the hospital environment mostly under general anesthesia in about 2-3 hours. Post-operative pain is minimal, and after 3 – 4 days’ rest in your house, you can return to your normal daily life. Depending on the technique used the quantity reduced, drain can be applied at the end of the operation in order to avoid the accumulation of blood. These drains can be removed after approximately 7-8 hours. You may be discharged home clothed in an athlete bra. In 3 – 7 days, your checks take place.


Does Breast Reduction Surgery Affect the Milk Channels?

Breastfeeding is independent of the breast size or shape. Milk secretion is made by a chain of reactions realized between the brain and the breast. In spite of the fact that technically, it is known that breast reduction surgery will affect breastfeeding, in the practical case, this may not be always the case.  A number of surgical techniques are performed by giving minimal harm to the milk channels. Here you can get the most appropriate decision with your doctor.


How Are the Post-Operative Scars?

The scars after the breast reduction surgery can be in the form that we call inverted T, or in the shape of a lollipop. Here, (AN IMAGE WILL BE ADDED HERE) what kind of a T will be left depends on a proper surgery and wound healing. Mostly, these scars will be in the form that will not disturb the person in 6 months to 1 year.


When Can Breast Reduction Surgery Be Done After Giving Birth?

The breast shape should be settled at least 3-6 months after the breastfeeding has finished. Due to the fact that the results of the operation that will be made before the breast shape is settled are not satisfactory, we recommend the operation after the breastfeeding has finished.


This page content is for informational purposes only. For diagnosis and treatment, you should consult your doctor.