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Butt Aesthetics


To achieve the ideal shape of the butt is not a dream anymore.  In a number of ways you can have a nice butt. These methods are; Butt Prosthesis (silicone implant), lipo-filling, contouring with liposuction and lifting the butt.


Butt Prosthesis (Butt Implant – Buttock Augmentation)

It is applied in cases where the butt appearance is small. By entering inside with a 3-cm concealable incision from the folds between the two butts, it is placed in the planned area between the muscle tissues. The average duration of surgery is around 1-1.5 hours. You can lie on your back after the surgery. However, you can feel pain after sitting for 2 or 3 days. During this period, walking will be easier compared to sitting.


The Things to be Take Care After the Butt Prosthesis;

In the early days, do not act hastily and quickly during sitting and standing up. Ask for help from someone if necessary.

The sutures are in the spontaneously melting structure. They will be healed in around 10 days.  The scars will be hidden between your butts in the course of time, and they will become uncertain. In all the injections that will be made from the hips in your life after the operation, the medical staff should be warned about this.


What Are the Types of Butt Prosthesis?

But prostheses are in different types. They are distinguished as anatomical and round. There are different volumes of (cc) prostheses available for different types of body. Their ranges are around 150- 480 cc.

After a detailed examination before the surgery, the prosthesis to be used is determined. It is applied with surgical method in hospital conditions.

If necessary, at the same session, the butt fat injection is also added.


Fat Injection to the Butt;

It is removing the excessive fat tissue especially from the hip, waist and abdominal area through liposuction, and being injected to the butt area where it is needed. If this extra fat tissue exists in the butt area, and constitutes asymmetric appearances, it is the method of enabling the area to be corrected with the method of fat injection again after the liposuction performed to the butt.

With the melting of part of the fat injection applied in 6n months to 1 year, a second session of the application may be needed.


This page content is for informational purposes only. For diagnosis and treatment, you should consult your doctor.